“What happened to the original plot of the movie?”

Behind Sailor Mooods

Mental health is not one size fits all. Sailor Mooods’ mission is to showcase the nonlinearity and individuality of our healing journeys.

I created Sailor Mooods to share my journey of self-exploration, self-love, inner-child healing, and community. I went through life being the other and unnoticed while constantly being told that my experiences were invalid.

Growing up for me was lonely and I suffered through my darkest nights alone. I didn’t know what to do or how to feel better. I felt completely alone. I hope to fight for other girls and women who may be feeling this way. I want them to know that someone is there who believes their feelings are valid and is there to support them through their healing journey. We are not in this alone.

Sailor Mooods is an entity. I will express my journey of being a black woman with mental illness in a world that is behind on the importance and normalcy of mental health. Sailor Mooods comes from my love of Sailor Moon (we love our emotional Cancer Moon Princess) and my moods that are like the weather (you never know what you’ll get).

Through my words, photography, and sometimes offbeat humor – I welcome you into the world of Sailor Mooods. I hope while you are here, you will find something that you need. I hope you can share something with me as well.